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Interior Painting

Interior painting requires a high level of painting skills and attention to details such as a color consultation and preparing the paint and walls. When starting a new interior painting project , we always analyze the lighting and size in order to match the color to fit your structure. We will help you create a unique space that you and your family will enjoy for many years.

Process of Interior Painting:

  • - Moving all wall hangings, window treatments, appliances, and furniture
  • - Protecting your home with drop clothes, tarps, and blue painter's tape.
  • - All minor drywall repairs as such dents, nail holes, dings, and nail pops will be patched, sanded, and smooth prior to painting.
  • - Cutting with a new color around all windows, doors and ceiling.
  • - Painting
  • - Clean up

Exterior Painting

Do you know that the exterior painting of your home is the most cost effective home remodeling project that can be done? This is the best way to raise your property’s value and maintain your investment. As the paint products are constantly changing we will make it our personal mission to provide our customers with the most recent available products.
Give us a call if you need exterior painting contractors - Chicago and suburbs.

Process of Exterior Painting:

  • - Removing dirt, algae and grim
  • - Checking if paint is scraped and sanded smoothly
  • - Caulking
  • - Painting
  • - Cleaning
  • - Inspection - checking the finalization of the project.

Deck Staining and Restoration

We use industry-leading techniques in deck sanding , pressure washing, chemical treatments, and deck staining, to make sure that your deck is treated with the utmost care.

As a deck restoration professionals, we pay a special attention to preparing the deck properly before the stain is applied. That makes the stain adhere well to the wood fibers.


Updating your basement, bathroom or kitchen is the best way to increase the value of your home. Our skilled craftsmen have an experience to complete any renovation project and provide as much help as you need to ensure you are totally satisfied with the finished product.